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There are generally three pricing models that payment processing companies offer: Tiered Fee, Flat Rate and Interchange Plus. Picking the right model can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a month, so it’s important to choose wisely. Price out each offering before making the decision and ask for input from both representatives and fellow merchants alike. If you’re not familiar with the models, check the About Credit Card Processing Tab.

Check The Equipment Costs

Credit card processors will always offer POS systems and card terminals to merchants starting out. Oftentimes, however, they’re leased or come at a hefty mark-up. It’s best to either negotiate a better deal or look online to buy terminals or systems outright. There are some processors who use their exclusive equipment. It’s best to confirm with your credit card processor that they support the system you’re getting before purchasing from an outside source.

Negotiate When Possible

There are many monthly and annual fees associated with payment processing. Beyond the transaction fees, payment processors charge statement fees, PCI compliance and noncompliance fees, virtual gateway fees, and many others. Know every fee charged before choosing a company, and don’t be afraid to negotiate those fees. There’s wiggle room depending on the payment processor and the type of fee being charged. Plus, negotiating fees out saves hundreds of dollars a year, which is valuable for a business of any size.

Contact 2-3 Companies

Credit card processing companies are vital to a thriving business, but they can offer more than just payment processing. The best payment processors provide added value and support to businesses of any size, which is why it’s important to find one to fit your business well. We at iDeal Comparison recommend contacting more than one to understand the care and service they will provide.

Be Wary Of Long-Term Contracts

There are some companies who offer long-term contracts that we recommend, but generally, we advise going with month-to-month contracts. Hefty termination fees, liquidation costs, and other expensive penalties are charged if a contract is ended early, making monthly plans more cost effective in that respect.

Take Advantage Of The Extras

Credit card processing companies offer more than just payment processing. There are ways they support merchants they work with through other programs, benefits, and useful business solutions that can help grow and maintain any size company. Integration with accounting, payroll and inventory systems, business capital, marketing and advertising enhancement, and industry customization are just some of the options offered to merchants. Growth and innovation are important for all businesses, and getting the help to do so can improve customer experience along with day-to-day operations.

Our experts follow this formula to make our iDeal Choice!


Merchant service companies can bring a lot of value to your business,  in the following ways:

  • Dedicated Account Reps can help your business grow
  • Payment Processing Equipment: swipe, tap, insert, sign, etc.
  • Advanced POS systems to manage employees, inventory & more
  • Gateway Support for Online/Internet or Phone orders
  • Diplomatic processes for handling chargebacks

We at iDeal Comparison rate each merchant services credit card processing company based on these, along with many other features offered to merchants. It’s important for merchants to find the best all-encompassing service so that their business can function without a hitch.


Pricing systems are complex. To begin with, published rates apply only to elite customers, and there are four quadrants of merchant service pricing as well: Swipe vs. Keyed-In by Debit vs. Credit.  Sometimes monthly account fees simply add to the overall cost, while in other situations these fees can help you “buy down” your processing fees and improve your total monthly costs even against processors without these fees.

What iDealComparison considers beyond transaction rates:

  • Equipment Costs
  • Merchant Protections in Contract
  • Chargeback Penalties
  • Application & Onboarding Fees
  • Cancellation Penalties
  • Annual Charges

How can you obtain the lowest possible monthly fee structure? Call the best processors to negotiate.


When comparing the best merchant credit card processors, reputation is important. iDealComparison critically evaluates thousands of business reviews and forum comments, other professional reviews, as well as our own experiences from multiple calls and tests with each company. What matters most is how merchant service companies and the account reps perform over time with consistency. We at iDeal Comparison review the following:

  • Customer service availability and access for merchants
  • Safety and security of data and information
  • Reviews and consumer feedback, along with professional reviews
  • Price relief and fair contracts for small merchants
  • Willingness to take on high-risk merchants

NO OTHER REVIEW COMPANY GUARANTEES their recommendations like iDeal Comparison!

The iDeal Certified Guarantee: At iDeal Comparison we’re so sure about our recommendations that when you purchase a product or service from an iDeal Certified partner though an iDeal Comparison link or phone number, and you aren’t satisfied, just return the product within 30 days, and iDeal Comparison will send you a $50.00 VISA Gift Card to help you pay for your return and trouble. Terms and Conditions Apply. See all details in our Advertising Disclosure


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